Hi Friends! xx

I'm Jayme; I’m the Artist & Owner behind Studio PenniLou, 23 years old, and based in Gold Coast/Brisbane, Australia.

I made my first Hand-Tufted Mirror back in February 2021, just for fun—I remember posting a picture on my personal Instagram. I had someone ask where they could get one… and then another person… and another person… and suddenly, there were many people asking for them that I decided to run with it!

I'm heavily inspired by my love for vintage fashion/interiors and mid-century design. I've always been passionate about art and woodwork; I've completed a diploma in interior design & a Diploma in Business Management. Studio PenniLou came from a combination of all these things!

So two years on & Studio PenniLou is ever-evolving with me—with my style & with what inspires me.

The best part about what became of PenniLou, is YOU! The thought that MY work is hanging up in YOUR homes all over the world, that they are part of the conversations in YOUR homes!!

I will never get over that feeling, so I want to continue to bring as much joy into your homes as I have making them and to continue sharing my art with you. 

So what's next for Studio PenniLou? You'll have to stay tuned to find out!