Poked by PenniLou - An Update

Poked by PenniLou - An Update

Hi, I'm Jayme!

I’m the owner & artist behind Studio PenniLou. 

Some of you may know about PenniLou from my Hand Poked Tattoo's and others from my OG Hand Tufted Mirror days.

I made my first Hand-Tufted Mirror back in February 2021. I remember posting a picture on my personal Instagram. I had someone ask where they could get one, and then another person, and another... and suddenly Studio PenniLou was up and running!

So two years on, and many mirrors later, Studio PenniLou is ever-evolving with me—with my style and with what inspires me. It was always important to me that my business felt personal, that I didn't hold any constraints on what I can create and do in the future. I've always had a million projects on the go, and here is the place where I can share what I create without limitations :))

If you've been around for a while and was wondering what happened to my monthly mirror drops, you might have seen that I'm now a Hand-Poked Tattoo Artist at the Beautiful Evergreen Studio in Miami, Gold Coast. 

I want to say a quick thank you for all the support I have had with the big changes that have been happening around here. The best part about what became of PenniLou is YOU! The thought that MY work is on YOUR bodies & hanging up in YOUR homes all over the world is so insane!!

I feel incredibly lucky to have this community, what a pleasure its been to meet and even tattoo some of you!! 

While I take a break from any Mirror Pre-Orders to focus on this new adventure, please don't hold back from contacting me for any custom requests or questions, as I still would love to have my art on your walls!

However, my Art Prints and Mirrors that are in Stock are still Available to Purchase. Pick Up Options Available Miami, Gold Coast

I'm excited for the future of PenniLou, to keep growing, evolving & creating! I wont be going anywhere, so keep tuned because I'm sure there will be new things on the horizon soon :))


Jayme xx 

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